About Us


Approximately 13,000 youth age out of the foster care system in the U.S. and become homeless each year. The need for transitional support services for youth aging out of care in Oklahoma has increased rapidly in recent years.

Caldwell’s House serve as a solution to the growing problem among transitioning foster youth aging out of care in Oklahoma. We do so by providing employment services, housing services, financial literacy programs and various independent living programs.

Each person's needs and circumstances are unique.  Therefore, we assign a case manager to each participant to help navigate through the various resource programs that we offer.  We strive to meet people where they are and walk alongside each person through the growth and accomplishments.

Program Services

Housing and Employment

We prioritize the basics that all human beings need to survive.  That is food, shelter, and clothing.  Each program participant works with a case manager to secure transitional, or permanent housing and employment while working on immediate needs.  This requires in-depth employment & housing guidance, such as:

  1. Rental assistance
  2. Resume building
  3. Interview skills
  4. Essential document retrieval (driver's license, birth certificate, & social security card)
  5. Emergency funding for housing, food, and utility assistance (only while funding is available through  collaborative groups and private funders)

Independent Living Skills

The Independent living skills needed to sustain permanent housing and employment are often overlooked and lead to homelessness.  Long term sustainability and stability is key. We assist every step of the way with various programs to include:

  1. Transportation assistance programs
  2. Cooking lessons
  3. Self Care 
  4. Driving lessons
  5. Health insurance guidance
  6. Education Guidance and assistance - college prep, campus visits, tutor assignments, etc

Financial Literacy

The financial literacy program is one of the required programs for attached to the housing and employment assistance programs.  Especially for emergency assistance.  We cover various topics, including:

  1. Budget management and goals
  2. Bank account management
  3. Credit decisions and alternatives
  4. Bill payment
  5. Work benefits